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5 Cool Gadgets For Your Home (2018)

Almost every one of us wants cool items to our homes and some people think that those items bring an enchanting brightness to their homes. Many people will consider the cost factor as well when choosing those cool items because in today’s world the cost factor can be a constraint to everything. So, one of the best ways to get cool items is the usage of the internet or in other words trading websites such as So, let’s look at some of the reviews of the exemplary products that will give a bright interface to the topic of cool cheap stuff.


The WeMo switch connects to Wi-Fi and can be turned on or off from your phone, wherever you are.

With the WeMo switch, the light can easily be scheduled to turn on at sunset or shut down as someone runs out of the door. There are lots of clever systems that will help the device to work automatically. And the unforgettable function is that it works with Amazon alxa for voice control and that device can be bought separately with the purchase of the main product. Moreover, the downloading of the free app is necessary to control the light. And it’s called the WeMo app. And it works with any smart phone or tablet that has the operation system of Android 4.1 and higher or IOS 8 and higher. And many people will consider the Electrical Rating of the product since its running from electricity because in today’s world electricity can be a very important resource and this product has an electricity rating of 120V/15A/60Hz/1800W which is a fair rating for such electrical items like this. And finally, this device may be handy if a person is looking for a cool and cheap device to ease their lives with a little touch of technology. And don’t forget that the purchasing website will always be

Tile is a tracking device that can locate both your phone and the item it’s attached to

There are a lot of location-tracking devices around for different purposes. Tile is one of the first and most successful trackers that has been created among other devices. It’s a small plastic square which can be connected to an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth and can tell an item’s location up to 100 feet away by alarming or it shows the item’s last location on a map.

The relevant place to put Tile is a key ring, because it cannot be attached to any other thing such as (car, luggage, wallet, bike, etc.). Furthermore, the second-generation Tile, which has an updated ringer and that is even louder than before somehow the loudest on the market. It comes in handy when finding the lost keys. The app is very easy to use. They show the location of the Tile and the lost device, plus a “Find” button to ring the alarm because Tile’s location is sent to the users account, the user can log into Tile from any computer or phone and see where both the phone and Tile are. The Tile, is easy to share without any hazel by anyone who needs this cool and cheap product. And don’t forget that the purchasing website will always be at

The Amazon Fire TV Stick packs a lot of storage and memory into a tiny media streamer

This product is made to watch Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and selected channels plus Amazon Instant Video, and more with Amazon’s TV streamer. With the voice remote option it supports to search for episodes and channels by speaking into the remote’s built-in mic. Moreover, Fire TV Stick connects to your TV’s HDMI port. It’s an effortless way to enjoy over 4,000 apps, and games and more functions. And when we look at the 4x storage and 2x memory capacity of Chromecast plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory which will be beneficial for some technical users to get the maximum output. One of the other benefits is that this product reduces buffering unlike similar product since its categories under cool and cheap product. And don’t forget that the purchasing website will always be at

Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Slow Cooker

The unique feature that this product has is the ability to program Hamilton Beach slow cooker to cook the dish for a specified time, and the device will automatically change the temperature to keep the food warm even though the given time is over. And this Cooking gadget is so easy to operate and most importantly it is cheaper than other related products in the market. And don’t forget that the purchasing website will always be at

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Pack

There are many threats that involves sleeping outdoors. The key issue out of them is the darkness. So, it’s important to have some sort of light source. The LuminAID inflatable light provides a lighting touch and the speciality of this lantern is that it runs by solar power, so therefore it is easy to charge. The device can run up to 8 to 16 hours depending on the user’s usage, and most importantly it is important to have the fullest capacity of power, so therefore the device can produce its maximum performance. It’s also waterproof, so it can survive even a river crossing which is handy for some people who like travelling adventure and who like to get cool stuff at a cheaper rate.

These 5 products listed above are cool and useful stuff one can buy online from for an affordable price for the homes or for different purposes which will cater to unique needs and wants of different individual. The product’s trustworthiness and expectation is very high because it is from a worth source called and that company has played a significant role in the industry for years and years. To project their reliability to the people they are providing service such comparable items and money back guaranties. If you have any doubts or suggestions please drop a message at the comment section.